ETo =

0.408Δ (Rn - G) + γ


T + 273

U2 (es - ea)

Δ + γ (1 + 0.34U2)

Win = Robs * Ω * ϑ ((X × π) / 180 ) * ( 1 + arain * X )

S = 100 * (1 - (WSact / (p * WSmax) ) )

Wro = Win − (WSmax − WSact)

Green Roof Diagnostics provides unbiased, scientific research for the green infrastructure industry.

We are a team of professionals of various backgrounds who share a common goal: to improve the understanding and effectiveness of green infrastructure through rigorous science.

We lead

Green Roof Diagnostics was founded to provide scientific and technical leadership within the green roof industry. Our success is when all parties succeed .

Testing is critical to our work. We test products and concepts from anyone. We try to handle this work in a rigorous, data-driven manner for optimal benefit to all parties.

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~ Joshua Robinson, Hydrologic Engineer

Green Roof Diagnostic's research facility in Culpeper, VA

We start at the top

Green infrastructure focuses on cost-effective, living, upstream solutions. And there is no-where farther up stream than the roof!

Green infrastructure is so powerful because it harnesses the simple solutions of nature to provide primary and secondary benefits

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~ Charlie Miller, Advisor

Challenge: achieving a pre-development hydrologic regime in the city.

We verify

We measure, quantify, and validate the effectiveness of green infrastructure. We think the industry benefits from this de-mystification .

We help design teams with better data so they can utilize green roofs confidently by maximizing detention benefits , with ROI for the developer and the environment.

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~ Nolan Williams, Civil Engineer

Assembling a green roof cassette for testing.

We take on challenges

Responding and adapting to our climate requires innovation , and the best ideas may come from anywhere!

We help manufacturers and inventors evaluate their sustainable solutions , through rigorous testing and monitoring.

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~ Brad Garner, Software Engineer

Challenge: Beauty, performance, and durability

Our work is alive!

Green infrastructure is alive! Our work is holistic, including soil biology and water quality .

Humanity is moving to cities. Despite this, we often overlook the biology and chemistry of our urban ecosystems We aim at unlocking some of these mysteries and harness them for good.

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~ Dr. Anna Zakrisson, Soil Biologist

Beneficial fungi in soil



  • Encouraging use of holistic green infrastructure
  • Research, innovation, data-driven design
  • Testing protocols specifically adapted to urban infrastructure
  • Meeting urgent needs in the stormwater management industry
  • Accurately predicting green infrastructure performance
  • Developing practical modeling tools to empower architects and engineers
  • Optimizing green roofs for maximum volume reduction and peak flow management
  • Honesty and objectivity, including acknowledging when green roofs might not be the best solution for a given project