We seek to change the green roof industry, by focusing on science and verifiable performance. We will not do this alone!

Green Roof Diagnostics is an independent research organization. We strive to be objective and transparent in all our endeavors. We actively seek collaboration with like-minded organizations and individuals. There are a number of ways we can work together.

Ways to work together

Commissioned testing. Are you a manufacturer or a consultant with an idea? Do you want to make sure it works? We provide confidential testing of products and assemblies. We specialize in innovative testing protocols that are not (yet) adopted by ASTM or others.

Research assistance. Are you a public- or private-sector or university researcher? Could you use some help on particular research topics? We may be able to help.

Research opportunities. We have a backlog of research questions that may overlap with questions posed by university researchers. We may be able to provide materials and/or facilities in exchange for research collaboration.

On-site monitoring. We are always looking for opportunities to monitor full-scale green roof installations. Ideal candidates build upon the existing body of research, so contact us to see if your project is a good fit.

Remediation- or renovation- consulting. Green roof renovation consulting projects allow us to better understand the cause of failures.

And more. We aim to effect positive change on the green industry, and you may have opportunities to collaborate that we have not considered. Our team has over 100 years of experience in green roof design, construction, permitting, and associated hydrological and ecological issues, and we would like to put that expertise to good use for a greener future. Together.

Advisory Board

GRD collaborates with industry leaders. We endeavor not only to improve knowledge and understanding of green roofs, but also the applied sciences of manufacturing, design, construction, and maintenance. As such, our advisory board is comprised of leaders who work or have worked in a range of capacities within the green industry.

    Charlie Miller, Founder of Roofmeadow

    Peter Maybach, Soil Consultant at Brookside Laboratories

    Dr. Elizabeth Fassman-Beck, Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology

    Dr. David Sample, Professor and Biological Systems Engineer at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

    Toine Vergroesen MSc., senior researcher hydrology at Deltares


We think it is important to disclose how we work with our sponsors as part of demonstrating Green Roof Diagnositics' objectivity.

Green Roof Diagnostics is primarily funded by several companies within the green roof industry. These are progressive companies that want to effect change. We do not allow any funders or other third parties to introduce bias into our research. In exchange for funding general (versus specific) research, we may provide funders with assistance in improving their product lines to incorporate our research and/or access to the research before the information is available to the public. This follows principles similar to the US patent system, which rewards the innovator before benefiting the general public or industry at large.

Green Roof Diagnostics is secondarily funded via commissioned research and other commissioned services.